Pressed flower and botanical art on handmade paper.

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The Microfleur Microwave Flower Press Store

Microfleur - Max
9"Microfleur Max
9 x 9"

Microfleur - Regular

5" Microfleur Regular
5 x5"

Refills and liners

Refill Pads and Liners 
for the 9" Microfleur Max

Refills and liners

Refill Pads and Liners
for the 5" Microfleur Regular

microfleur book

"Pressed Flower Projects Using the Microfleur" Book

clips for microfleur

Replacement Clips

Microfleur Tutorials

How to press crocus flowers with the Microfleur

How to press poppies

How to make pressed flower cards

Microfleur Flower List

and...for a wealth of more pressed flower "how-to" information please check out Elizabeth's Blog

"the beauty of each blossom speaks silently of God's love..."

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